Frequently Asked Skip & Rubbish Questions

Skip sizes? What can go in? How long can I keep the skip? Read the answers below.


Please just ask.

Q. What size skip bin trailers are available?

A. 4m3 - equivalent to approximately 16 wheelie bins and 5.5m3 - equivalent to approximately 22 wheelie bins

Q. What weight can I put in the skip bin trailers?

A. For our 4m3 trailers the weight is 400kg. For our 5.5m3 the weight is 500kg.
Trailers are weighed before emptying. If the load is over capacity, additional charges may apply.

Q. What is the hire turnaround?

A. 1 day up to 2 weeks - This can be more by arrangement. Please let us know your needs.

Q. What types of rubbish do you remove?

A. In a nutshell, green waste and general residential or commercial waste.
We ask you to keep your white-goods( fridges, freezers etc) scrap metal separate so they can be processed properly.
We will also take unwanted items that other service providers may not take e.g. car batteries, tyres, etc THESE MUST NOT GO IN YOUR SKIP BIN.
*Please see our lists of restricted or unacceptable items.
If you’re not sure or have a special request, please contact us.

Q. Can you deliver if I'm not home?

A. As long we are clear where you’d like the trailer positioned – absolutely! We can also collect if you're away too.

Q. Will the skip bin trailer damage my driveway?

A. NO - The beauty of our design is to minimise property damage, unlike conventional skips and the trucks that position them, which are heavy and cover a larger surface area.

Q. I have a small area, difficult to access. Can you get your bin on my property?

A. Most likely – we can assess this for you if need be.

Q. Are the skip bin trailers lockable?

A. YES - nobody wants unwanted access to their bin.

Q. What are your hours?

A. 7:30am to 6:00pm, Mon to Sat inc (outside these hours by arrangement).

Q. Can I get help with my payment?

A. YES – we are registered WINZ providers, so in special circumstances they may agree to assist with payment, you will need to arrange this with them too.

Please phone 03 528 7777 or email for any enquiries